For my self portrait I decided to use mixer brushes to mix my background because I wanted to give it an artistic feel. I had to use around 4 different brushes to mix and I started out by pulling the colors  from the background and my clothing. I then had to use a smoother brush to really pull everything together and make it look more like part of the setting. 

Negative- For this image I decided to invert the colors and bring some of the color levels up and down in order to have different tone values running throughout the image. And I wanted to have the stronger tones running towards the plant and have the lighter tones in the back since they are not the main focus. 
contrast- To portray contrast I wanted to have a repetition of an object and have the black and white colors scattered through the image. I decided to darken more of the black in order to show a clear contrast between the white.  Dichotomy- This image was actually more difficult to portray than I had expected. My idea was to have a dead leaf and an alive and bright leaf and merge them together to show opposite sides but merging as one. Though lining it up was much harder since the lines were not straight and the lighting was not the same, made it more difficult to do. 
These are my pictures that were taken over the past two years that I find interesting and strong because of the work that has gone on behind it. Each picture that has been taken has a different message and or elements of art behind it. 

This image was taken in order to portray light gels. I took 2 different gel colors and put them on a light in order to make 2 different colors on each side of the face. 
This picture was created for Bokeh. I had taken a picture of a bundle of Christmas lights and moved close in order to capture the effect. 
For my studio portrait I wanted to have a model against a clean background with wind blowing up in the hair. 
For light trails I was able to have the lightbar moved side to side around the picture. 
This image was taken in order to portray the many circular shapes found in this image. I chose this picture in order to show the various shapes. I pointed my focal point more towards the larger circle to show my subject. I cropped this image a little tighter in, in order to not lose focus on the shapes. 
I decided to have this picture taken for lines because it is a repeated amount the same structure. The depth of field is mainly focused in the center of the image to capture clarity, and I decided the rest should not be brought out clearly in the image because it would be distracting in the photo. 
For this picture I wanted to portray "half" in a unique way. I decided to use shadows in order to split the image in a different way. My depth of field is focused more towards the actual middle of the shadow to show what is being done. I decided to leave this image cropped the way it is with more space because my focal point is on the acorn alone so it is not too distracting. 
This image was created on photoshop with a powder brush tool. I used a variety of brush opacities and blending brushes in order to create this effect. I also used colors that would make her skirt pop out, in order to do that I used two main colors and then added a lighter shade in the middle to make them blend out more, and added some shadowing alone the bottom.
For this cartoon effect I used a variety of hue/saturation effects and different levels of colors in order to make this image come out with a more pop of color.  I had to use the sharpening effect of the brush too in order for me to get the details in this image.


For ATPI I have used a lot of different models that have a variety of different styles which reflected in some of the photos I used for the contest. To edit them I mostly used Lightroom and was able to crop my photos to fit for ATPI  and bring down or up some of the exposure which is what I really focused on for my photos. I also focused on a lot of the color in my photos, so they were able to pop.

                                           Environmental portrait; Lighting&background setting

Environmental portrait; Pose 

Environmental portrait; background and pose 
Environmental portrait; angle 
Environmental portrait; angle and lighting 
Environmental portrait; lighting and depth 
Environmental portrait; shadows and position 
Environmental portrait; pose and lighting 
Environmental portrait; angle and lighting